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 New patch is released.

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PostSubject: New patch is released.   Wed May 26, 2010 5:06 pm

From now on you need this patch to play SilenceMu otherwise you get disconnect.
Links: rapidshare.com patch.rar
Some features:

1) More protection against hacks
2) Full 3D Camera support(Enable/Disable):
* All rotations and zoom
* View range: 6144x6144
* Mouse control same as in Lineage II
* Zoom - Mouse scrolling
* Rotate - Mouse move with scroll/buttons pressed
* Two rotate types: hold scroll, and hold both buttons
3) 3D Camera view range increased +50%
4) Restore Camera view by pressing Home button
5) Full 3D SKY rendering:
* Each map has it own textures
* Day/night time succession
6) Original Glow of 99 items instead of yellow one(Enable/Disable)
7) Fully working minimap: (not work yet)
* Press "End" to show/hide
8 ) Screen-shots are saved in a folder called "Images"
9) Experience bar bug fixed
10) A sound plays on level up
11) and more...

The silence of the lambs
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New patch is released.
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