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 Helpfull tips for client.

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PostSubject: Helpfull tips for client.   Wed May 26, 2010 5:13 pm


1) Q:How can i use the 3d camera?
A: You can zoom in or zoom out by scrolling the mouse.
A2: You can rotate the camera by moving the mouse with pressed both clicks (Mouse1+Mouse2).

2) Q: I moved my camera and now i can't get it to default.
A: You can easily press HOME button and get it back to default.

3) Q: Are there any more features on client?
A: Yes, there is a helpful mini map witch can pop up by pressing END button.

4) Q: I don't like 3d camera can i disable it?
A: Sure, open the client folder and find a file named settings.ini

It should be something like this:


FixGlow        = 1      ; correct 99 items glow to original
MiniMap        =0

Enabled        =1
ControlType      =2
Sensivity      =7

Enabled        =1
DayNight      =1

Ok, change this

Enabled        =0

6) Q: I saved a screen shot but i can't find it now. Where is it?
A: The saved screen shop is in clients folder in a folder named "Images".
E.g. if you have installed the client of vmu on "C:\Program Files\Silence Mu" the images folder will be in this directory "C:\Program Files\Silence Mu\Images"

7) Q: I can't run the game it won't open.
A: Your anti virus is recognize your main as a virus, but it isn't. You must Disable your anti-virus or add an exception for main.exe. (search your anti-virus site for more help)

8 ) Q:Want to enable glowfix?
A: As i said above, go to settings ini and change this:

FixGlow        = 1      ; correct 99 items glow to original

Thank you Smile
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Helpfull tips for client.
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