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 Server Information

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PostSubject: Server Information   Thu May 20, 2010 4:28 am

Site: http://silencemu.no-ip.org
Name: Silence Mu
Version: 0.97d
XP: 40x
Drop: 80x
Max level: 350
Reset level: 350
Max Resets: 15
Points per Reset: 350
Excellent drop rate: 1/250
Soul success rate: +7,+8,+9(50%) [items without luck]
Soul success rate: +7,+8,+9(75%) [items with luck]
Goblin success rate: +10(50%),+11(45%) [items without luck]
Goblin success rate: +10(75%),+11(70%) [items with luck]
Wings creation success rate: 0-90%
JOL success rate: 60%
BK/SM/Elf points: 5
MG points: 8
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Server Information
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